Dear Baby: Letters from Your Big Brother
Author: Sarah Sullivan
Illustrator: Paul Meisel
Publisher: Candlewick 
ISBN-10: 0763621269
ISBN-13: 978-0763621261

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"This ingenious little book about family and friendship would be an excellent way to introduce the topic of a new baby to older brothers - - and sisters."—Book Page

"A fine choice for any 'new baby' collection, not to mention a good introduction to the artistry and fun of scrapbooks."—School Library Journal

"Engaging and insightful"—Publisher's Weekly


"a wonderful book for people with young babies and brothers and sisters."—Liverpool Echo

"With humor and often a candid look at what an older sibling might be thinking, the primary message of this lovely book rings through - love and kindness between siblings."Nationally-syndicated columnist Kendal Rautzhan

A young boy records the ups and downs of life as a new big brother in a scrapbook of funny, earnest letters and other touching memorabilia.

There's a baby on the way! Of course, Mike is very excited and curious about his new sibling. And he's very eager to assume his new role as a big brother. To start, he's decided to record his observations and experiences in a series of letters to the baby, displayed here along with playful illustrations of Mike's own drawings, family "snapshots," and even a sonogram. Whether Mike is feeling like an "invisible boy" or boasting of his new sister's talents, whether furious when she breaks his favorite toy or proud to save her from a hot curling iron, his account of his first year of life as an older brother evolves into a very special keepsake — and a funny, honest, and heartfelt tribute to sibling relationships.

Sarah Sullivan
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