Root Beer and Banana
Author: Sarah Sullivan
Illustrator: Greg Shed
Publisher: Candlewick 
ISBN-10: 0763617482
ISBN-13: 978-0763617486

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"A refreshing summer treat."


"A quiet, lyrical tale about friendship."

School Library Journal

"Poetic text."


"With painterly, atmospheric illustrations, this book evokes a lazy summer's day in the country and an encounter between two new friends."


Author Note

In 1996 I attended a writing workshop led by Kentucky poet and children's book writer, George Ella Lyon.  During the workshop George Ella asked us to remember a time and place that had left a deep impression on our lives.  I immediately thought of my grandparents' home in Tappahannock, Virginia. As soon as I imagined myself in that place, memories of trips to the store for popsicles came flooding back.  My granddaddy used to take me to a tiny grocery for a special treat on scorching summer afternoons.  I wrote a poem about those experiences during the workshop and put it away, hoping to later turn it into a picture book.
It was four years before the voice of a little girl named Miracle came creeping into my imagination, giving me the idea for a story.  "My name's Miracle," she said, "on account of the doctors said Mama couldn't have any more after my brothers, but I came anyway."  I put Miracle in that little country grocery and the story of Root Beer and Banana came raveling out.
Sarah Sullivan

Sarah Sullivan's lyrical text and Greg Shed's warm, nostalgic illustrations lend a southern flavor to this gentle tale of friendship and small kindnesses.

Mister Mac's ceiling fan stirs the heat

while the ice-cream freezer

hums its steady tune.

Cold air hits my face

when I slide the door open.

It's summer on the river, hot enough to melt the tar on the roof, and Squirt is happy to be at Mister Mac's General Store, where her grandfather is treating her to a cold, refreshing Popsicle. Her only dilemma is what flavor to choose — until she meets a girl named Miracle, with her brightly patched dress, who's a nickel shy of buying her own frozen treat. With some quiet help from Granddaddy, Squirt makes just the right choice and ends up with something even better than TWO Popsicles: a new friend.

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