A Day for Skating

In a sweet rhyming tale, a young child’s first skating adventure on a frozen pond ends with a cozy bedtime story.

Tap and step, 
then slide and turn.
Whoops! Fall down.
That’s how we learn.

On a brisk winter’s day, the frozen pond is crisscrossed by figure skaters, hockey players, new skaters, and old pros, all gliding across the ice. It’s time to bundle up, lace your skates, and give it a try — then head inside for cocoa and snacks when your cheeks grow rosy and your toes are cold. Back at home, warm bedtime rituals make for the end of a perfect day. But when darkness falls at the pond, who will come out to skate?
two-page spread from A Day for Skating
A Day for Skating. Text copyright © 2019 by Sarah Sullivan. Illustrations copyright © 2019 by Madeline Valentine. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Candlewick Press, Somerville, MA.


A Day for Skating is part of the Read Local Challenge, sponsored by the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators in Maryland, Delaware, and West Virginia! Click to download the booklist, games, and activities.
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Awards and Recognition

Bank Street College Best Children's Books 2020


“A child and their parent enjoy a wintry skating outing while other skaters of varying degrees of ability and expertise surround them. When the child takes a few skating steps, slides, turns, and promptly falls, the parent moves in to help and gently assure that falling is part of learning. A break taken in the snack-bar hut provides warmth, hot cocoa, and sandwiches. Later, another whirl around the pond together comes to a close with skates coming off and a ride home to a bath and cozy bedtime routine. The lively, brief rhyming text outlines the story's sequence as it depicts the adjoining scenes. "Good friends gliding in a row. / Holding on and letting go. // Hockey sticks go clatter-clack. / Figure skaters stay on track. // Couples waltz. Children race / Happy people. Happy place." Lovely drawings with simple details, done digitally and using watercolors and colored pencil, move the verse from a brisk, snow-covered day scene to the deeper purple hues of a winter dusk and a final, deeper blue when nighttime creatures enjoy the frozen pond. Though the protagonist and parent present white, multiracial representation is evident throughout the skating community. This winter sports portrayal is a fine and attractive addition to the season's preschool collection.” (Kirkus Reviews)
A Day for Skating
illustrator, Madeline Valentine
published by Candlewick Press, 2019

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